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[StrongED] Ctrl-F3 used by other apps

One of my other apps uses Ctrl-F3 for its own purpose, whereupon 
StrongEd always butts in and says "Mark is undefined".  It can be a 
bit disconcerting.

StrongEd 4.68 is on the iconbar but none of its windows are open -- 
so no wonder no mark is defined!

This happens both on RiscPC (Ro 4.39) and Iyonix (Ro 5.18).

Or erhaps I as a pretty naive StrongEd user haven't yet discovered 
some feature to do with marks?

Jim Nagel                        www.archivemag.co.uk
   See you at SW show?   www.riscos-SWshow.co.uk   February 23

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