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Re: [StrongED] Re: ToggleBD 1.01 available

On 10 Feb 2013  Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <531b832d57evan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Evan Clark <evan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> In article <5c23731b53.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>,
>>    Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Clicking Apply should save the choices to Choices:ToggleBD.Choices
>>> and then run the choices file to apply them to the support module.
>>> This should all be transparent, no need to restart anything.
>> What seems to be happening here is that, although the
>> Choices:ToggleBD.Choices file is being saved, it isn't being updated
>> with the new settings, but instead always contains the default
>> settings from the Choices file in the application.

> Thanks for the feedback guys!

> There was a minor problem with the choices window. It's available from
> two places 'Menu -> Choices...' and 'Adjust click on iconbar-icon'. This
> was supposed to open the same window but it actually opens two different
> instantiations of the choices window. One worked, the other didn't.

> Fixing this was easy, just mark it as a shared object and all is fine.
> Strange is though that I'd already found this myself and corrected it,
> don't know how it managed to creep back in.

> An updated version of ToggleBD has been uploaded to the website, please
> let me know if this does fix the issue.

It probably would fix the issue if I could get it to run :-(

On trying to run it, I get:

10 Feb 11:28:33 000 000000F8: Error from (unknown): Filing system or 
path AppBasic: not present

I've gone back to the original version, which does still run, but the 
Choices file in Boot has gone back to being unlocked.

Please, what am I doing wrong?

With best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Ta) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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