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Re: [StrongED] ToggleBD 1.01 available

Fred Graute  wrote

> Dear All,

> The first of the promised programs to be released is ToggleBD.
> http://www.stronged.iconbar.com/fjg/zips/togglebd.zip

> ToggleBD allows you to raise and lower the backdrop window so that you
> can get at pinned objects easily. The backdrop can be toggled using
> either a configurable hotkey combination or ToggleBD's iconbar-icon
> (Select click, Adjust opens configuration window).

> The backdrop is toggled using the message ToggleBackdrop (hence the
> name) which is implemented in Select 4.2+ and RISC OS 5.18+. If the
> message is not supported it tries to obtain the backdrop's window handle
> and use that to raise and lower the backdrop (bit naughty and may not
> work on some versions of RISC OS).

> ToggleBD has gone through various iterations and I'm still unsure about
> current version's implementation, any feedback on how it works / is put
> together would be appreciated. The manual too could do with a thorough
> going-over.

A couple of points.

1) the program appears to do nothing when I try to toggle.
   Using RISC OS 5.19 (7 nov 12) and running MoreDesk.

2) there is a way to apply choices but not to change them


John Rickman -  http://rickman.orpheusweb.co.uk/lynx

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