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[StrongED] ToggleBD 1.01 available

Dear All,

The first of the promised programs to be released is ToggleBD.

ToggleBD allows you to raise and lower the backdrop window so that you
can get at pinned objects easily. The backdrop can be toggled using
either a configurable hotkey combination or ToggleBD's iconbar-icon
(Select click, Adjust opens configuration window).

The backdrop is toggled using the message ToggleBackdrop (hence the
name) which is implemented in Select 4.2+ and RISC OS 5.18+. If the
message is not supported it tries to obtain the backdrop's window handle
and use that to raise and lower the backdrop (bit naughty and may not
work on some versions of RISC OS).

ToggleBD has gone through various iterations and I'm still unsure about
current version's implementation, any feedback on how it works / is put
together would be appreciated. The manual too could do with a thorough


StrongED Developer

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