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Re: [StrongED] Community support (was: Scripts)

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          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Maybe Fred has some opinions on this. He already has a lot on his plate.

Hopefully Gavin won't mind me taking his suggestion of a centralised
repository for scripts and turning it into a more generic invite to all
of you to get (more) involved with the programs that are discussed on
this mailing list (it's really no longer a StrongED only list).

What I'm after is people who'd be willing to assist with maintaining and
improving the programs. The area most in need of attention, I feel, are
the manuals. Writing them isn't my favourite part of creating a program,
partly because I'm too close to the fire and find it difficult to look
at things from a user perspective.

Tony Moore has helped me with the manuals for StrongMen & Transient and
they are probably the best manuals that I've produced. The extra pair of
eyes and different perspective resulted in lots of useful suggestions
and corrections that have led to much better manuals.

Other areas where assistance could be helpful are the scripts that Gavin
has mentioned. Collecting and maintaining ModeFiles bits might be useful
too, eg exchange c-C with cs-C. Testing new releases is, of course, very
important. As is feedback.

One of the reasons for bringing this up now is that I'm hoping to
release a number of new/updated programs shortly (now that the Iconbar's
FTP is back up). These will be works in progress, functional but needing
some more work before being properly released.

Having your assistance in getting these programs released would be very
much appreciated and would help make my load a little lighter. Thanks.


StrongED Developer

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