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Re: [StrongED] Re: Fresh 4.69a7 installation

In message <53151b11f5tim@xxxxxxxxx>
          Tim Hill <tim@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In article <4ecbcd1453.Iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Ron
> <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I guess a starting point would be to put a plastic block over those 6
> > keys
> If you have a 'proper' keyboard you should be able to prise the keytop(s)
> off easily.
> I had a friend did that because his sausage fingers and general
> clumsiness used to catch f12 on his BBC Model B when he was playing
> games. Works a treat because the keyswitch is still there if you need it.

I thought of that also, but I found a little plastic box that covers
the keys, and I haven't lost insert mode yet.
It is most likely that the Backspace is a key that is also used when
editting midstring, and that the Insert key /is/ being hit.
I think a raised L shaped divider between the Backspace key and the
F12 - Insert key area might be worth a try. The advantage being that
the firm shoulder can be felt for position feedback, without
activating any keys.

Thanks, Ron M.

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