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Re: [StrongED] StrongED scripts

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          Gavin Wraith <gavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <530e70855bLists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
> > Or is there a way of doing this, so they aren't in, for example,
> > !StrongED.Defaults.Tools.!ScriptSED.Scripts.Lua
> You can keep your scripts wherever you like. All that matters is the
> SIFT/CTRL-dragging onto the apply icon (green down arrow).
> !StrongED.Defaults.Tools.!ScriptSED.Scripts
> has different subdirectories: Awk, Basic, Lua, Perl, Python, ...
> but that is just supposed to be a convenient way of storing different
> sorts of scripts in different places. Me, I put them anywhere.

Yes, you can put scripts anywhere and drag them to the Apply icon when
needed. However if you want them to be available from the Apply icon
(Adjust-click) then they will have to be in ScriptSED.

To add scripts in UserPrefs, create a directory !ScriptSED in Tools.
Then create directories called 'Languages' and 'Scripts' inside that.
'Languages' can be used to add support for extra languages and extra
scripts can be added in 'Scripts.<language>'.

The extra scripts will then be listed along with the standard scripts.

As an aside, be careful when installing the CoreUtils package from
PackMan. The aliases it creates can be troublesome, it caused an abort
when Adjust-clicking on the Apply icon (took out MPro and several other


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