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Re: [StrongED] appbasic mode problems

In message <a83b254a52.iyojohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          John Rickman Iyonix <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> JR wrote:
> > Using StrongED 4.69a5.
> > Two problems with AppBasic mode
> > 1) According to the help text the AppBasic icon should pop up an
> > application menu when selected. Nothing happens.
> Fred - thanks for the fixes . all working now under 4.69a6

Great. Thanks for letting me know.


The manual for the AppBasic mode doesn't mention this but there's a
very useful add-on that provides auto-completion like functionality.
This greatly reduces the amount of typing that has to be done, and
also avoids the risk typing errors, when entering AppBasic calls.

Just enter the first few letters of the object/gadget type that the
call pertains to and the press c-Space. Use the cursor keys to select
the correct entry from the menu that pops up, then press c-Return.

For example to insert the following into your code:


Just enter 'str' (without the quotes) and press c-Space. From the menu
select 'SetSelected' and press c-Return, the above is then inserted into
the code. All that's left to do, is to replace the parameters with the
actual values.


I do a fair bit of AppBasic programming and find it indispensable, but
then I would say that wouldn't I having written it. :-)



StrongED developer

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