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Re: [StrongED] ClaimFiles, Unclaim and StartUp

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  Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>           David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>>   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [snip]

>>> The files Init and ClaimFiles that used to be inside UserPrefs should
>>> now be inside UserPrefs.StartUp. They will be moved there when 4.69a6
>>> starts up for the first time, Init will be renamed to UserInit.
>>> ClaimFiles is actually no longer used by StrongED. Instead a new file
>>> Unclaim is used, a default copy of this is placed in UserPrefs.StartUp
>>> when 4.69a6 is first run.
>> That is a bit confusing, if ClaimFiles is no longer used then why does
>> it need to be in UserPrefs.StartUp?

> It's a file that may have been altered by the user so rather than delete
> it outright it's moved to UserPrefs.StartUp. The user can then use it as
> reference when modifying Unclaim and delete ClaimFiles when done.


> I realise that this is a bit confusing so I'll try to explain it more
> clearly.

[snip - clarification]

Thanks for that, I've got it now. It is ClaimFiles in UserPrefs that 
is no longer used by StrongED but it does need to present in Defaults. 

I did a completely vanilla installation specifically to avoid any 
confusion with the old and the new.

David Pitt

MessengerPro 6 on an ARMini running RISC OS 5

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