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[StrongED] ClaimFiles, Unclaim and StartUp

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          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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>   Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > The files Init and ClaimFiles that used to be inside UserPrefs should
> > now be inside UserPrefs.StartUp. They will be moved there when 4.69a6
> > starts up for the first time, Init will be renamed to UserInit.
> > ClaimFiles is actually no longer used by StrongED. Instead a new file
> > Unclaim is used, a default copy of this is placed in UserPrefs.StartUp
> > when 4.69a6 is first run.
> That is a bit confusing, if ClaimFiles is no longer used then why does
> it need to be in UserPrefs.StartUp?

It's a file that may have been altered by the user so rather than delete
it outright it's moved to UserPrefs.StartUp. The user can then use it as
reference when modifying Unclaim and delete ClaimFiles when done.

> > Unclaim is the same as the first section of ClaimFiles, so any changes
> > you've made to this section should be copied to Unclaim. Once that's
> > done ClaimFiles should be deleted as it's no longer required.
> > Please note that Alias$@RunType_FFF should always be unset in Unclaim.
> > This to prevent the error 'Unknown operand' as Edit will define it as
> > a macro (as discussed on the newsgroups recently).
> Having ensured that is done a clean installation of !StrongED 4.69a6
> fails to boot or start, it still errors with 'Unknown operand'.
> By elimination the error is caused by this line in
> !StrongED.StartUp.ClaimFiles :-
> If "<Alias$@RunType_FFF>" = "" Then Set Alias$@RunType_FFF Run
> <StrongED$Dir>.!Run %%*0
> The problem seems to be that ClaimFiles is still called in
> !StrongED.!Boot, which is in turn called from !StrongED.!Run.

I realise that this is a bit confusing so I'll try to explain it more

ClaimFiles was introduced in 4.68 so that the user could control which
actions/filetypes StrongED would claim on booting. Although this worked
fine the problem was that the file had to be copied in its entirety to
UserPrefs before altering. Even though only the section with Unset lines
were supposed to be edited.

It was therefore decided that it was best to split the Unset section
from the rest of ClaimFiles, and store it as a separate file 'Unclaim'.
The reduced ClaimFiles was moved to !StrongED.StartUp as it was no more
a user editable file.

The Unclaim file needs to be in Defaults so that it can be overridden by
an Unclaim in Userprefs. To tidy up Defaults/UserPrefs Unclaim, along
with Init, were placed in a directory 'StartUp' (perhaps not the best
name given that we have !StrongED.StartUp too, but over the past weeks
I've changed/moved/synced so many files that I couldn't be bothered to
come up with a better name).

> ClaimFiles is still required and it is that that calls Unclaim with :-
> IfThere StrongED_Read:Unclaim Then Obey StrongED_Read:Unclaim
> And there is the problem, Unclaim is now in the StartUp directory.
> This works :-
> IfThere StrongED_Read:StartUp.Unclaim Then Obey
> StrongED_Read:StartUp.Unclaim
> !StrongED 4.69a6 now does boot and run. Though that is a fix of some
> sort it might not be the "right" fix.

It _is_ the right fix. :-)

> I hope this help.

Sure does! Many thanks, David.

I'll release a fixed version soon. I notice the SysLog support has been
left on too. :-(



StrongED developer

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