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[StrongED] StrongED 4.69a6 available

Hi All,

The sixth alpha release of StrongED 4.69 can found on the website:

This release of StrongED marks the start of phasing out features that
have been deprecated for some time. The main one being how StrongED
related system variables are named. Variables of the forms Tmp$xxx and
StrongED_xxx will stop being supported, probably from 4.70 onwards.

ModeFile changes

   If you have customised ModeFiles then you may have to do some
   tweaking to make them work with 4.69a6.

The modes have been updated to use the new form StrongED$Tmp_xxx instead
of the old Tmp$xxx ones. StrongED_xxx style variables have been replaced
with StrongED$xxx ones (eg StrongED_Scrap$Dir > StrongED$ScrapDir).

All modes(*) have had the above changes applied to them and uploaded to
the modes database. The modes in the modes database may no longer work
with older versions of StrongED. The 4.68 release has been altered, all
modes are now included, to avoid problems.

Start up changes

   If you have altered the ClaimFiles file inside UserPrefs then, again,
   you may have to do some tweaking to make it work with 4.69a6.

The way StrongED starts up has been altered, although most of it should
be transparent. It's mostly a case of moving files around, all the files
involved (except !Boot and !Run) are now in a directory called StartUp.

As said, this should be largely transparent so I'll skip the details -
look the files inside StartUp if you're interested - and concentrate on
the user facing changes.

The files Init and ClaimFiles that used to be inside UserPrefs should
now be inside UserPrefs.StartUp. They will be moved there when 4.69a6
starts up for the first time, Init will be renamed to UserInit.

ClaimFiles is actually no longer used by StrongED. Instead a new file
Unclaim is used, a default copy of this is placed in UserPrefs.StartUp
when 4.69a6 is first run.

Unclaim is the same as the first section of ClaimFiles, so any changes
you've made to this section should be copied to Unclaim. Once that's
done ClaimFiles should be deleted as it's no longer required.

Please note that Alias$@RunType_FFF should always be unset in Unclaim.
This to prevent the error 'Unknown operand' as Edit will define it as
a macro (as discussed on the newsgroups recently).


(*) If you're a mode author and have objections to a modified version of
    your mode being distributed then please get in touch.

The changes from 4.69a4/5 are listed below, for changes from earlier
versions please see the History section of the StrongHelp manual.

Changes in StrongED 4.69a6

 - StrongED_Scrap$Dir renamed to StrongED$ScrapDir

 - StrongED_Export$Dir renamed to StrongED$ExportDir

 - StrongED_Settings$Dir renamed to StrongED$SettingsDir

 - Reorganised files involved in starting up StrongED

 - User initialisation file renamed and moved to subdir

 - SetTmp now also sets StrongED$Tmp_FileName & StrongED$Tmp_WriteDir

Mode changes

Most of the modes have had minor modifications made to them. There have
been further changes to some of the modes. The details can be found in
the various ModeFiles.

The common modifications include:

 - Replaced StrongED_Scrap$Dir & StrongED_Export$Dir with the new forms
 - Replaced <Wimp$ScrapDir>.StrongED with StrongED$ScrapDir

 - Replaced old Tmp$xx variables with new StrongED$Tmp_xxx ones
 - Replaced <StrongED$Tmp_FilePath>.<StrongED$Tmp_FileLeaf> with
   the new <StrongED$Tmp_FileName>

 - Replaced old 'Type' in SyntaxComments with new 'CommentType'
 - Replaced deprecated NL function with the NewLine() function

 - ModeFile tabified so they are in line with the other modes

 - Modes without a version number have been made version 1.00

Support apps

Most of the support applications have had work done on them too. Listed
below are the most significant of those changes.

 - SearchDir
   * renamed to DigDirSED

 - FTPupload
   * renamed to FTPupSED
   * changed so additional sites can be kept in UserPrefs.Tools

 - KeywordFix
   * now does an entire line at once
   * only Basic ATM, further changes expected

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