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Re: [StrongED] appbasic mode problems

In message <5fc6d44852.iyojohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          John Rickman Iyonix <rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using StrongED 4.69a5.
> Two problems with AppBasic mode
> 1) According to the help text the AppBasic icon should pop up an
> application menu when selected. Nothing happens.

It doesn't work, and I can't see how it could be made to work. What
that button does is to drag the current file to AppBasic's iconbar
icon. AppBasic is then supposed to open its main window with the
application being set to the application the current file belongs to.
Dragging the file directly from the Filer to AppBasic doesn't do
anything either.

Unfortunately the tools inside the Appbasic mode are compressed and
Joe Taylor can't be contacted so there's no easy way to get this fixed.

> 2) The Library icon should pop up a utility menu. I get an alert
> message:
> "Directory 'AppBasic:StrongED.Menus' not found"
> !AppBasic is running.

You need to create a directory called 'StrongED' in !AppBasic.Resources
and inside that a directory called 'Menus'. I see that I also have
directories called 'Functions' and 'Procs' in there, don't know if
they're required.

> Is there something wrong or am I just being too eager? I saw a note on
> the website saying that there was work being done on the modes for
> v4.69a6.

The modes database has already been updated and most modes have had work
done to them, mostly minor. Some of the modes now require 4.69a6, to
avoid confusion all modes are said to need 4.69a6 (even if some don't).
The 4.68 release has been changed, it now has all modes included.



StrongED developer

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