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[StrongED] StrongFont 1.06 available

Hi All,

A new version of StrongFont is available for download here:

Changes in this version

 - Zap fonts filetyped &1bd are now accepted.

 - No longer uses Null polls unnecessarily.

 - Zap fonts with less than 256 characters weren't converted correctly.

About StrongFont

StrongFont can be used to convert 8x8 and 8x16 Zap fonts to StrongED
fonts. The bottom 32 control characters can optionally be replaced by
a set of standard StrongED control characters.

It can also convert StrongED fonts to individual characters (one sprite
per character) and vice versa. This makes it much easier to edit fonts
either to adjust existing fonts or to create entirely new fonts.

As usual, all feedback welcome.



StrongED developer

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