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Re: [StrongED] Using hardwrap effectively

On 7 Dec 2011 as I do recall,
          Fred Graute  wrote:

> In message <f85b0d3d52.harriet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>           Harriet Bazley <stronged@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > What is the Unbullet expression in the Replace section used for?    It
> > doesn't seem to be referenced elsewhere, at least in my file.
> The default News ModeFile allows you to break into quoted paragraphs
> (at any point) so you can respond to a particular point using cs-Return.
> If you do this by hand then you need to fix the bit that's been moved to
> a new line as it will have lost its quoting. cs-Return does this for you
> automatically by copying the quoting from the original line start to the
> start of the bit moved down.

Ah - mine still reads
Newline(Indent, _ParPrefix)
which is evidently an earlier incarnation - this is the trouble with
customised mode files!

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