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Re: [StrongED] Using hardwrap effectively

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          Harriet Bazley <stronged@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 3 Dec 2011 as I do recall,
>           Fred Graute  wrote:
> > What constitutes a bullet is defined by the Bullet & Bullet2 expressions
> > in the News ModeFile. If you don't want dashes to be taken as bullets
> > then you can modify these expressions accordingly.
> >
> Thanks. I already have a customised News Modefile and never use dashes
> as bullets so have modified that section as suggested.
> What is the Unbullet expression in the Replace section used for?    It
> doesn't seem to be referenced elsewhere, at least in my file.

The default News ModeFile allows you to break into quoted paragraphs
(at any point) so you can respond to a particular point using cs-Return.

If you do this by hand then you need to fix the bit that's been moved to
a new line as it will have lost its quoting. cs-Return does this for you
automatically by copying the quoting from the original line start to the
start of the bit moved down. Only snag is that if the line starts with a
bullet then the bullet is copied as well. The Unbullet expression is
used to fix this by replacing the bullet with a space.

Hope that's clear enough, it's easier to use than describe.



StrongED developer

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