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[StrongED] StrongMen 1.27b Available

Hi All,

StrongMen 1.27b is now available for download from:

The purpose of this beta release of StrongMen 1.27 is to test if the
installation instructions make sense. Due to the internals having been
reorganised upgrading is slightly more involved than usual. Please give
it a try and let me know how you get on.

The program itself is expected to be pretty much okay as Tony Moore and
myself have tested it quite extensively. But you never know.

The main changes are:

 - The manual has been almost completely rewritten in an effort to make
   it more structured and informative. Many thanks to Tony Moore for his
   assistance with this.

   A new StrongED mode has been created to display the StrongMenu file.
   It uses the new manual to lookup commands (F1), it can also look up
   the type of line at the cursor (Shift-Doubleclick).

 - Better support for Choices. Previous versions allowed only the
   StrongMenu file to be kept in Choices (but not in a directory called
   StrongMen as it should), the Options file was kept in StrongMen$Dir.

   The StrongMenu & Options files are now copied to Choices:StrongMen
   when StrongMen 1.27 is run for the first time. A couple of sysvars
   are created to access them: StrongMen$Path & StrongMen$Write

   These variables provide a system to override default files in much
   the same way as StrongED does. They are now the preferred way to
   access any additional tools you may want to add to StrongMen.
   That is, use StrongMen:Tools.X instead of <StrongMen$Dir>.Tools.X
   The preferred location for additional tools is Choices:StrongMen.

 - History sections work slightly differently. History sections are now
   trimmed at save when their limit has been reduced.

   History sections are now only kept when the Keep switch has been
   specified. The JustLeaf switch no longer implies the Keep switch. The
   option 'Save history on exit' has been removed.

 - Further changes are that keyboard modifiers can now be denoted using
   'cs-' format, as well as '^Up-arrow'.
   More reliable support for Browse and NetSurf by no longer relying on
   icon numbers hardwired into the code.
   The '#Nil' command has been added to suppress 'file not found' error
   that occurred with items that had a subdirectory but no command.

 - The example StrongMenu that comes with StrongMen has been updated to
   demonstrate the new functionality (#Nil, 'cs-', etc). It's also been
   cleared of dead URLs. Thanks, again, to Tony.

Make sure you read the installation instructions carefully when you are
upgrading from an older version!

Feedback is, as always, most welcome.


Changes between 1.27 and 1.26

Behind the scenes

 - Further split up source into multiple files
 - Lots of routines have been refactored

Bugs fixed

 - Keystrokes that started with an up-arrow didn't work
 - StrongMen aborted when RISC OS Help was active


 - Options can now be kept in Choices
 - Prevent multiple copies from being run
 - Ignore all objects dragged to the iconbar icon (for now?)
 - Added #Nil command (prevents 'file not found' errors)
 - Keystrokes definitions can now use 'cs-' for Ctrl and Shift
 - JustLeaf switch no longer protects history (must use Keep switch now)
 - Option 'Save history on exit' removed (must use Keep switch now)
 - Kept history sections are now trimmed on save when limit is lowered
 - Improved support for Browse & NetSurf, don't rely on icon numbers

 - Manual has been completely overhauled, much clearer and informative

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