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Re: [StrongED] UserPrefs (Iyonix)

In message <0826b63152.Iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In message <5d09893152.fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx>
>           Fred Graute <fjgraute@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > In message <5a75653152.Iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >           Ron <iyonix@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > A ModeFile in UserPrefs.Global would be ignored by StrongED so can't
> > have solved any problem. Which two problems are you referring to?
> >
> You are right, I looked in there, and I must have taken it back out
> when things got worse instead. I was following the instructions in the
> NoModeFile at the time.

NoModeFile? I assume you mean the NoModeList file, right?

If so, then please explain what you were trying to do. The ModeList file
isn't something that new users need to refer to.

Normally StrongED will enumerate its modes by going over UserPrefs.Modes
and then Defaults.Modes and that's fine for normal use. Only if you want
to have more control over where modes are stored and which modes should
be visible would you need to use the ModeList file.



StrongED developer

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