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[StrongED] StrongHelp 2.86 available

Hi All,

StrongHelp 2.86 is now available for download from:

The main focus in this release has been in making StrongHelp compatible
with ARMv7 processors as used in ARMini, BeagleBoard, etc.

A couple of other bugs have been fixed as well, and the way resource
files are located has been tidied up.

Finally, the source has been split into several files and the build
process changed to bring StrongHelp in line with StrongED & StrongMen.

All feedback is welcome.

Changes from StrongHelp 2.85

 - Created !StrHlpSrc to hold the source files.
 - Split up source into separate files, needs more work.
 - Now assembled with latest StrongLib so that it runs on ARMv7.
 - Underlined text wrapped to the next line aborted on ARMv7.
 - Fixed character read, used LDR instead of LDRB.
 - Fixed macros using unaligned memory access.
 - Updated ResFind to latest release version.
 - Fixed error handling for Help_Word message.
 - Fixed problem when OS didn't support Wimp_Extend 11.
 - Sanitized how resources are located, undoing 2.82 changes.
   Removed resources path from StrongHelp$Path. Made sure we always
   use 'StrongHelp' in sysvars.



StrongED developer

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