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[StrongED] StrongMen 1.26 available

Hi All,

StrongMen 1.26 is now available for download from:

This release of StrongMen fixes several problems that occurred on newer
platforms such as the Iyonix and BeagleBoard. It was thought to be fully
32-bit compatible but some remaining issues were found. For the
BeagleBoard it was necessary to make some changes to way memory was
addressed, most of the work had fortunately already been done for
StrongED (which shares the StrongLib library used).

The opportunity was taken to split the source into several files to make
it more manageable. Throwback and tracking support were added to make it
easier to find out where things went wrong in the case of a failure.

This release should be fully compatible with the previous release so
your current StrongMenu file should work without problem. When the file
StrongMenu lives inside StrongMen then just copy it to this new version.

When the StrongMenu file is held in Choices then it will be moved to a
subdirectory called 'StrongMen' inside Choices. This is more in keeping
with the RISC OS Style Guide.

Feedback is, as always, most welcome.

Changes between 1.26 and 1.25

Behind the scenes

 - Made BeagleBoard/ARMv7 compatible
 - Fix some remaining 32-bit issues
 - Split source into several files
 - Added a Build file to control assembly
 - Now uses throwback to reports errors during assembly
 - Enabled tracking so it's easier to find failure address in source

Bugs fixed

 - Selecting multiple files from one of the history menus (using Adjust
   to keep the menu open) could result in the wrong file being opened on
   any click after the first click.


 - Added a 'Contact' page to the manual.
 - Changed URL linked to from the info box.
 - Added support grabbing URLs added to NetSurf's hotlist
 - Now supports the Acorn URI protocol as well as the ANT URL protocol.
 - Changing iconbar icon position in Choices no longer needs a restart.
 - Use Choices$Write rather than Choices$Path to locate resources.
 - Create a directory 'StrongMen' in Choices and make sure we use it.
 - Added a 'Help...' item to the iconbar menu which opens the manual,
   the 'Info' item no longer opens the manual when clicked upon.

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