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[StrongED] Transient 2.05 available

Hi All,

Transient 2.05 is now available for download from:

The main change in this release is that it is now possible to expire
directories for all users at once. To accommodate this the expiry warning
window has been redesigned. Instead of displaying a textual message the
window now presents a list of users with details about the directories
that are to be expired.

Again a debt of gratitude is owed to Tony for all his help.

Changes from Transient 2.04

 - User that Transient starts up with is now configurable.
 - Added ability to expire directories for all users at once.
 - Adjust click on Cancel or Save button now leaves Choices window open.
 - Adjust click on Cancel button in Choices window undoes any changes made.

Future plans

 - Add support for interactive help
 - Remove support to keep old comments in Choices file
 - Changes such that it can be used early on in the boot sequence

As always all feedback is welcome.



StrongED developer

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