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Re: [StrongED] Re: Transient

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> I've had to give up using the NAS as a communal tempdir. Not a Transient
> problem. I've hit timing problems which cause an argument betwen LanMan98
> and the NAS.
> As we have several 'communal' data files, I've arranged a claim system,
> operated by Obey files. The file to be claimed is first copied into the
> claimer's private area om the server. Then the original is 'binned' (with
> a sequential name), as a backup.
> Problem is that it involves several stacked Obey files, first calling
> several others. Or calling the same obey file several times in succession
> with different files to be 'binned'.
> At which point the NAS can either crash or sulk and not allow Lanman98 to
> talk to it.
> So I've gone back to local RISCOS tempdirs.
> Tempdir never threw even a hiccough! Impressive!

Sorry to say but I find this posting to be somewhat confusing.

Above you say that the problem with the NAS as a communal tempdir is not
a Transient problem but you also that TempDir worked flawlessly. Has
TempDir ever been used with the NAS?

I guess not, as the problem you describe seems to be between LanMan98
and the NAS. So I would expect the same issues to occur when TempDir is
used. TempDir/Transient just create a new tempdir every day and provide
means to delete files automatically. They're not involved in the actual
file transfers to the tempdir.

> Now I might be able to do something useful if TempDir could use a double
> dustbin controlled by setting a SysVar. I'll have to investigate!

Perhaps it would be better to try a do the same but use Transient. If
there's something why it doesn't work then you know where to ask.

TempDir, I think, should be retired as most (all?) of its features are
also present in Transient. It's also no longer being maintained and
given the limited programmer resources we in RISC OS land having two
very similar apps is that desirable anyway.

Fred Graute

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